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To find your medicine, please perform a search using the "Find Your Medicine" box. If the medicine is not listed, please
contact us stating its name, proportion and quantity.


Recently there have been numerous attempts from hijackers to steal/ lure our customers. We would like to stress on the facts that we would NEVER:

call you, or email unsolicited offers, or offers for refills. We do not take orders over the phone;

ask for your credit card details, especially over the phone;

ask you to register/ sign in via a link, or URL different from;

deliver from countries in Asia, or Africa. Our medicines come from the EU.

We sell only original medicines manufactured by the brand owners (i.e. AstraZeneca, GSK, Novartis, Aventis, Schering, etc.).

We do not sell generic medicines, manufactured in Africa or Asia. Our products are produced ONLY in Europe and USA.

The quality of our medicines is backed by our 14-day money back guarantee!

All orders come with complimentary free shipping.

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We sell brand medicines only!